Current Residential Rebates

There are so many rebates currently available that updating this page to ensure we are totally accurate would be a full time task. Luckily, BetterhomesBC does that for us, this portal is funded by provincial and federal government and administered by BCHydro, Fortis, BCHousing & CleanBC.  A new window will open for you to pick your location, heating type and reno or new build. The result is a customized list of rebates that could be applicable to your home upgrade plans.



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Specific rebates we feel that we should point out to you as they are often overlooked, look for them in your customized list!

  • Assessment Rebates: These can cover upto 70% of EnerGuide home evaluations, an expert resource for planning you’re upgrades.
  • Bonus Incentives: On top of the individual upgrades you can get access other incentives by doing multiple upgrades and improving your EnerGuide rating.
  • Top up incentives: Many municipalities are offering  a top up to certain rebates.
  • Do you have mortgage insurance? You may be eligible for a 15 or 25% rebate by reducing the energy rating of your home.


The rebate site really is as simple as it has ever been(a lot easier than used to be, having to go to all different parties mentioned above) but can still be overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we’d be happy to help.